Curriculum Overview


Holy Rosary Preschool strives, through Catholic principals, to create a loving learning environment that will allow students to grow and develop their faith, knowledge, sense of responsibility, respect for self and others & ability to communicate thoughts at feelings.


To teach the whole child helping them to become: 

• Faith-filled Catholics
• Life-Long Learners
• Responsible Students
• Effective Communicators
• Respectful People


Preschool Learning Domains

• Social & Emotional Development
• Physical Development (Fine Motor & Gross Motor)
• Literacy & Language Development
• Cognitive Development & Math Skills
• The Arts


Preschool Curriculum Programs

•Splash Into Pre-K (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
• Heggerty Phonemic Awareness
•Handwriting Without Tears

•My Math (McGraw-Hill)
•Numbers & Math (Get Set for School)

•Discovery Science (Delta Science)

Social/Emotional Development
•Second Step (Committee for Children)

Faith Formation

Social Studies, Health, Art, Physical Development
•Tied to monthly themes

•Musically Minded

Bathroom Readiness

We ask that all Preschool students are potty trained. If you have any questions about our potty training policies, please contact us!