“Holy Rosary’s Preschool program has been an incredible experience for our three children and family. The teachers’ care and dedication to each individual student is unparalleled and the inclusion of each family into the Holy Rosary Community provides a safe and inviting atmosphere! Our children have thrived and are prepared academically, spiritually, and socially. We are so grateful to have found Holy Rosary!”



“Holy Rosary Preschool is a one-of-a-kind place! The teachers are so nurturing and thoughtful. Every day is approached with enthusiasm, curiosity, and gratefulness. Our children thrived academically and socially.  They were very prepared for kindergarten.”




“Holy Rosary’s amazing preschool program (P2, P3, Pre-K) is one of the best parenting decisions we have made. The program enriched our daughter with the confidence and social skills that made her transition to Kindergarten seamless.  We as parents are also so grateful for the emotional and educational support of all the wonderful staff and families as well”.



“Holy Rosary Preschool has meant so much to our family. It is a loving, caring, and intentional environment that provided a joyful start to our three sons’ educational journeys.  The outstanding teachers there are born to do this work.  They understood and met our boys’ very different social and academic needs. They gave our boys tools for dealing with big feelings, sharing, and cooperating.  Our boys built friendships that continue today, as they are well into elementary and middle school.  And we found a sweet and supportive community of parents we feel grateful to be raising kids alongside. We are so glad we gave our children the gift of Holy Rosary Preschool.”



“I still remember it like it was yesterday (it was five years ago now). We come from a non-traditional family (our daughter has two moms) and I was unsure of the reception we/she would receive at a faith based pre-school. That very first day when we walked up to the school as a family, I was prepared to continue my skepticism, I maybe even had a bit of a chip on my shoulder. But from the moment Teacher Tauna kneeled down to greet our daughter at the front door and gave her an incredibly sweet hug, I melted, and we never looked back. With incredible patience, infinite warmth, and a constant guidance I watched my child learn to pray, learn to write, and even learn to love math – all the while having a strong sense of self and adoring the children around her.

One of the greatest things, that we did not know, about Holy Rosary preschool, is that isn’t just a preschool – it’s a community. But by the end of her two years at HR preschool, the community was like family. We all knew each other, we all knew each other’s children, we all rooted for everyone’s success. I cannot think there will have ever been a better foundation on which to build upon than starting her off at Holy Rosary preschool.”